Google is pulling YouTube from Amazon's Echo and Fire TV devices over the retailer's refusal to carry certain products from the search company.  Google said its own products, Google Home and Chromecast, are not available for sale on Amazon. Last month, the e-commerce giant also stopped selling certain products from Nest, a company under Google's parent Alphabet.

Google is pulling YouTube from the Echo Show on Tuesday, and ending the Fire TV support on Jan. 1.  This most likely means for all users involved the most popular source of videos will no longer be used with the most popular device for consuming said videos. Ultimately many users are hoping the companies overcome these issues, but as more and more of our video content goes online.  We will start to see these digital content wars heat up.  In the end the consumers will end up paying more because the content will be so fragmented. 

"Given this lack of reciprocity, we are no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV," Google said in an email on Tuesday.

Obviously google wants the widest audience possible to buy their hardware products and with amazon's position this makes sense.  But when amazon pulls support for its own hardware products.  Google has no other course of action but to also pull support for one of the most popular apps from amazon.  This backyard childish bickering mentioned by some has some dire consequences for the future of digital content.  Raising questions about who really controls what consumers want when they are behind a paywall controlled by specific companies.  Only time will tell if Google and Amazon can play nice together.  Until then you may have to use that clunky slow responding youtube app on your smart tv until all this gets resolved.

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