Whats up guys and gals! YourDork.com here with the iPhone X Review!  The iPhone X is probably one of our favorite iPhones to date! There's no doubt that in the history of iPhones it’s iconic.  It's more modern and finally feels like a new iPhone. That's a big part of why it will be a huge hit and for some a cause for concern because of the learning curve unlike other iPhones. Every other iPhone has always been the same.  A home button, rectangle screen, and rounded corners for the most part with minor updates. 

With previous releases, you know what you're getting yourself into and how exactly to use it.  If there's were one or two big new features released it took you two seconds to learn it.  With the iphone 10 it is different because there are about three or four big fundamental changes to the way you use the phone now.  It's still an iPhone and you still mostly know how to use it, but there's a couple things that are different that you'll have to get used to.  

One of the first things is its overall shape. We're used to the rectangle with rounded corners but this is the first time the display itself has curved corners and it's pushed right up to the edges of the phone. The iPhone pushes everything to the corners and keeps all the front-facing sensors in the black notch.  Just holding the phone feels great. I think it's an awesome size.  If there were a bigger iPhone X plus this may have been a hot seller for some, but the size feels good in your hands.  The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus feels like a smaller phone.

The look of the iPhone X 

The stainless-steel sides are slippery and it's going to slide out of your pocket depending on the type of pants you wear. I'm not convinced this super shiny finish on the iPhones rails is going to last long.  We have seen this with other products and it gets chipped and scratched. The iPhone is what you would expect from a thousand-dollar smartphone. The speakers are great even though they aren't front-facing and water-resistant which gives you some peace of mind. It has wireless charging but no headphone jack which I am sure you expected.  Overall the iPhone X is well considered and well put together. Of course, now it is the most breakable iPhone ever thanks to having glass on the back and of course the glass screen.  The only thing you can’t crack is the side bezels.  It’s the one part of the phone I really don't like.  The camera bump has always gotten under my skin as well, as it creates a weird rocking pattern when set on a table. Because of the new orientation, you find yourself accidentally putting your finger in the photo or video you're taking.

The iPhone X front notch on top of the display has two different groups currently split on the design.  The first is the group of people that hate it with a passion.  The second group are the people that can’t even notice it’s there. Until apple or whoever can figure out how to create sensors that work inside the display screen, those front-facing sensors, cameras, IR blaster, and depth sensor must go somewhere. The notch may or may not be a huge concern for you when watching videos but it does cut off some of the display. The super Retina display is awesome with it's a 5.8-inch panel high pixel density with support of HDR and true tone really makes images pop like never. It doesn't get as bright or saturated as Samsung's Note 8 and S8 displays but it is still bright enough not look too cartoonish.  The screen has a small blue shift when you tilt it off axis but so do many other LEDs but it is something to mention just in case. 

The Changes

The iPhone 10 replaces that home button with whole bunch of gestures which is the biggest learning curve of any iPhone to date.  It is still not bad but you have to swipe up from that bar at the bottom of the screen.  This new bar represents the home button. You still swipe down from the top for notifications but now must swipe from the right corner for your control center.  For multitasking you have no home button, so you swipe halfway up and then over to get through your recent apps.  That'll get you to the same card style carousel as before.  Once you get hang of this system once you get used to all this swiping.  It should take no more than a couple of days to get it down. It felt natural after a while.

iPhone X also ditched the fingerprint reader which means they replaced it with face ID facial recognition.  Face ID on the iPhone works well most of the time.  It's not perfect but as far as fail rate goes it's still impressively good, Face ID can get better with software updates and with time as millions of people begin to use it. It still also has some physical limitations that you should be aware of and avoid.  It works by bouncing thousands of little infrared dots off your face and back into the sensor.  Creating a map of your eyes, nose, and mouth.  It doesn't use the front-facing camera and it can learn a changing face over time.  It still recognizes you when you get a haircut, shave a beard, or put makeup on. 

None of this has a huge effect on the dot map that made of your face. It also won't be tricked by a picture of you because that doesn't have the depth of your face. Face ID has been known to fail when you're backlit or when there's a ton of extra infrared light coming in.  For example, the sun rays overpowering the sensors. When it's bright outside face ID is going to fail and you will need to type in your passcode.

The Apple iPhone 10 also has slightly new cameras with the same exact sensors for both cameras as the iPhone 8 plus.  The real difference is the slightly better glass and now both are optically stabilized.  This is going to provide better quality video and the 2x telephoto lens allows you to zoom in without losing quality from your photos and videos 

The iPhone 10 contains the a11 Bionic chip and three gigs of ram.  Probably one of the most advanced combined chipsets in any smartphone right now.  The benchmarks are amazing but the chip is for the iOS operating system but for the things that can need extra computing power that is dedicated to specific tasks.  Like augmented reality apps, image processing, super slow-motion video etc.… iOS as you know obviously feels more modern because of the swiping gestures but as far as functionality it has the same overall feel. 

Battery Life of the iPhone X

Battery life on the iPhone 10 has turned out to be great close to the iPhone 8 plus.  I would say the iPhone is probably one of the best during its standby time for conserving power.   You shouldn’t have any issues getting to the end of a day with full use

Conclusion of the iPhone X Review

The iPhone X has its downsides with things like the all glass back, the notch on the front, and lack of a headphone jack still being a sour spot for many.  Though, these are things that people already invested in apple are willing to look over anyway.  Also, these things are not a deal-breaker either. So, at the end of the day if you can afford $1k even if over multiple monthly payments, or invested in apple and need to have its latest hardware.  The iPhone X will not disappoint. 



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