One of the biggest issues many gamers have when it comes to playing games is how inconsistent their connections are, especially since many games have gone to the master server, slave setup.  Essentially the servers character is updated or rewound based on the data you are sending to the server.  If there is a delay in this signal to the server, it could look like a player is standing still even though on the players side they are still playing. 

Below are some of the things you can do to improve your connection and response time to your favorite games.  Many of these steps are simple, but be aware you apply these settings at your own risk.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Hardwire First
    If you can't hardwire, connect to your 2.4GHZ bandwidth as opposed to the 5GHZ bandwidth if on wifi. 54MBPS equates to 5.4 Megabytes, which is more then enough for overwatch and provides a more stable connection then the 5GHZ channel in some houses/apartments.
  2. Update/Reinstall Network drivers. 
  3. Change properties of your wifi network or ethernet driver which ever you use. There are a slew of advanced options available in the properties control panel that allow you to fine tune performance on the card.
  4. Make sure WIFI is transmitting and receiving at maximum power. Some drivers come with a conserve power option. This can cause latency. 
  5. Turn off aggressive roaming on the wifi adaptor, and switch to conservative. This ensures your wifi card is only actively looking for a stronger signal when really required
  6. Enable disable WMM on your router, or disable nat filtering or advanced firewalls on the router to test. If you notice a huge performance increase, 1 of these 3 could be your issue as well.
  7. Are uploads speeds good from ISP? Some providers provide huge downloads speeds, but really bad upload speeds. All it takes is someone uploading a video to facebook to slow down and mess up a game on bad isp connections.
  8. If all else fails look for a new internet provider.

Remember disabling a firewall is never a good idea, but it could be your router is blocking specific traffic.  If you find through troubleshooting that your firewall is causing issues with your game it is better to buy a new router built for gaming.  As opposed to actually running without a firewall.  Here is a perfect router for gaming : ASUS AC5300 Gaming Router.  

If you have any questions or would like to add to this article feel free to contact us directly.  We would love to hear your input!

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