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An overwatch streamer was making an epic climb when his account was banned during his live stream.  The banning of players accounts by Activision Blizzard has become a huge concern for players in the overwatch world. One tricking appears to be the hot topic related to bans currently and with all the issues with destiny the last thing Blizzard needs at the moment is a mas exodus of one of it's most popular games because players can't play the characters they want. 

Jordan sneakers have come out with hundreds of thousands of pairs including some very rare highly sought after pairs.  On a personal level I have never actually like jordans, not because of their style but because of the outrageous price some pairs of sneakers can cost.  I have to admit though, the sneakers in this video would make anyone a little envious of.  It is like owning a little piece of gaming history. 

Blizzard is introducing a new currency to Overwatch and it was pretty much inevitable that they’d become available to the fans of the game and it's competitive scene.  There is a catch however, League tokens will launch in early 2018 alongside new skins for all 26 Overwatch heroes for each of the 12 Overwatch League teams. You won’t be unlocking them the normal way Players are only able to buy league tokens with real money, as the 50 percent of the revenue from the purchase will go into a "net shared revenue pool" for all 12 Overwatch League teams.

One of the biggest issues many gamers have when it comes to playing games is how inconsistent their connections are, especially since many games have gone to the master server, slave setup.  Essentially the servers character is updated or rewound based on the data you are sending to the server.  If there is a delay in this signal to the server, it could look like a player is standing still even though on the players side they are still playing. 

Bandai Namco is holding an event on December 15th and it has been touted by Marcus Sellars on Twitter that “5 unannounced games will be shown at the event”. A tweet following this announcement that was later deleted stated that one of those would be a remastered Original Dark Souls coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

YOURDORK.COM here with your XBOX ONE Elite Controller Product Review.  The elite controller has been out for a long time now but you rarely if ever hear people talking about their peripherals when it comes to gaming.  So we figured we figured we would take a crack at the controller and how it feels to play with.  But before we do lets get down to some of the technical specs of the controller.

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