After hearing horror stories about bad manufacturing experiences with china.  I figured I would write up some basics to follow when looking to work with Chinese manufacturers here are some suggestions for those looking for better quality and reliable supplier from China:

  1. Go after supplier withs holding quality certifications, such as ISO 9000 certified, or “Gold Supplier” designation/membership on Alibaba, where all Gold Suppliers in China must pass their Onsite Check.

  2. Obtain and review assessment reports to see if the supplier qualified as “assessed supplier” under Alibaba, through verification by top global inspection companies such as Bureau Veritas, TüV SüD, SGS and TüV Rheinland. Under the assessed supplier inspection program, the above mentioned global inspection companies can assist to verify Certifications from subsidiaries, partners, and contractors, production/export capacity, production flow, and various important attributes of a reliable supplier.

  3. Hire a trusted local third-party consultant, one who is experienced in assessing manufacturing suppliers, especially of someone who has previous work experience in the same technical field would be preferred, to go out and visit the evaluated supplier. The same consultant person can also conduct periodic visits to the same supplier to followup manufacturing progress. In addition, the trusted local consultant can also spend time talking to various current employees from the supplier to gain some additional behind the scene unofficial insight into the supplier, especially to see how the supplier treats their own workers.

  4. Watch out for the Low Price trap, where some suppliers will offer extremely low prices to attract potential suckers/buyers, and after receiving payment, they will raise their price or demand buyers to place a larger order.

  5. Another way to prevent defective finished product from being shipped to the US is by inspecting the goods for quality prior to loading onto containers in China, via a containing loading check (CLC) performed by a third-party inspection company such as During the CLC, the inspector will select boxes at random to confirm quantity and quality in accordance with specifications or approved sample provided by you, and various packaging details. This will definitely protect your interests and reduce the risks involved.

  6. Ask for a written guarantee in the contract between you and the supplier so as to ensure the products you have ordered will be of the same quality as the initial samples that you received. If you have to request a refund or file legal charges against the company, the above will be much stronger form of evidence.

It is not an exhaustive list of points, but I believe following some of these guidelines will help especially if this is your first time outsourcing your manufacturing work to china which is still cheaper even in today's financial markets.  If you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us.

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