In today's day and age sending a thank you email feels weird for some, but it is still one of the sure fire ways to build strong relationships and keep lines of communication open.  You do that by sending a thank you email after every business meeting.  Sending a thank you email or recap email can help summarize quickly what was discussed, and where things are going. Then list any action items, for you or them. It builds the relationship beyond the meeting, and can be a handy reminder of what happened for all involved.

When Should I Send Thank You Emails?

  • After An Interview
  • After a meeting
  • After a Pitch to a company.
  • After a Lunch Meeting
  • When you are not sure if they have your contact information.

There are plenty more situations and you will be able to make the right judgment once you get into a rhythm of sending them.  

Things to Include in Thank You Email

You want to make sure your email includes some of the points listed below.  Ensuring the information listed is in your thank you email ensures a good impression.

  • Full Name and Title if it applies
  • Work Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Website Link
  • Social Profile Links

This information will help you build a good social interaction and ensure the people you are emailing know how to get in contact with you again if they need to.  Website links are huge to help send traffic to your website even if the meeting was not related to your website.  People are always curious on what other people do, so encourage them by letting them know you are an open book.

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