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Bitcoin is now posting a record high on Sunday and making bitcoin billionaires of the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Bitcoin suffered big price falls last week but recovered over the weekend. The digital currency hit a new high of $11,826.76 a coin on Sunday. With the twins currently amassing a new fortune professional investors are increasingly taking the asset seriously. Investors are being drawn in by the promise of big gains.

After hearing horror stories about bad manufacturing experiences with china.  I figured I would write up some basics to follow when looking to work with Chinese manufacturers here are some suggestions for those looking for better quality and reliable supplier from China:

In today's day and age sending a thank you email feels weird for some, but it is still one of the sure fire ways to build strong relationships and keep lines of communication open.  You do that by sending a thank you email after every business meeting.  Sending a thank you email or recap email can help summarize quickly what was discussed, and where things are going. Then list any action items, for you or them. It builds the relationship beyond the meeting, and can be a handy reminder of what happened for all involved.

A business or brand name is the lexical part of your business: It is spoken, as well as heard and seen. A business name introduces a business; it represents all that the business stands for, and should therefore be strategically formed so as to earn its place in the daily vocabularies of customers/clients. Being professional naming consultants, we have seen several business names that fell below standard as a result of the insensitivity of some business owners to consider few important factors before finally settling for their business names. The following factors are worth considering if you must come up with a business name that would resonate well with your target audience as well as stand the test of time.

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